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  Newsletter #21 - January 2016  
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  Thematic Issue : the tour du valat Regional natural reserve    

An innovative approach to the 6th management plan

The Open Standards methodology

To draw up the 6th management plan for the Regional Natural Reserve from 2016 to 2020, the Tour du Valat  decided to adopt a methodology called Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

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Ilke Tilders

Foundations of Success

Ilke Tilders, from the Foundations of Success NGO, helped the Tour du Valat to apply the Open Standards methodology to draw up the 6th management plan of the Regional Natural Reserve.

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The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

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The Tour du Valat at COP21

From 30 November to 11 December 2015 the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, better known as COP21, was held in Le Bourget, close to Paris. The Tour du Valat was present and involved in several events in the “Nature Solutions” Pavilion, in partnership with the IUCN and various French conservation organisations.

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2015, a successfull year for the Greater Flamingo in the Camargue

2015 was a particularly remarkable year for the Greater Flamingo in the Camargue, in terms of both the species' breeding success and the research project that the Tour du Valat has been devoting to it for several decades.

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Publication of “The Greater Flamingo, ambassador of wetlands"

The book Le Flamant rose, ambassadeur des milieux humides ("The Greater Flamingo, ambassador of wetlands") was published last October by Les éditions Muséo with the support of the Tour du Valat, amongst others. Written by Doctor of Ecology Anne-Sophie Deville, who carried out her thesis at the Tour du Valat on this bird so emblematic of the Camargue, it was illustrated by the photographs of Jean Emmanuel Roché and prefaced by Luc Hoffmann.

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2016 Conference for Young Scientists at the Tour du Valat: sign up!

The third “Young Scientists” Mediterranean Conservation Science Conference will be held at the Tour du Valat from 22nd to 24th March 2016, in partnership with the Centre of Evolutionary and Functional Ecology  (CEFE-CNRS, Montpellier) and the Mediterranean Institute of Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE, Aix-Marseille University). It is time to register and submit your summary online until March 15th, 2016

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Publication of a Field Guide on Stoneworts in Mediterranean France

The Field Guide on the Stoneworts in Mediterranean France describes and illustrates some 42 species, varieties and forms of Charales algae that, despite their ecological interest as well as the threats they face, remain somewhat neglected by botanists and therefore insufficiently taken into consideration.

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Fresh new researchers at the Tour du Valat

The Tour du Valat research team has been significantly renewed since 2014, with the arrival of three new researchers in the "Conservation of Species" Department.

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Publication of a book about Wild Ducks

A new book entitled "Canards Sauvages" (Wild Ducks) by Matthieu Guillemain and Erwan Balança was published in September by Glénat Editions. This large-format hard-cover book plunges the reader into the fascinating world of wild ducks and reminds him that they are beautiful, fascinating to observe, and in some cases threatened.

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The AEWA African Initiative's Technical Support Unit provides support to wildlife training institutions

In September 2015, the Technical Support Unit for the AEWA African Initiative facilitated a workshop in Mweka, Tanzania, with the directors of three major training institutions specialising in the management and conservation of African wildlife.

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Celebration of Coast Day 2015 and meeting of coastal agencies at Antibes

The celebration of Coast Day took place on 25 September 2015 in Antibes Juan-les-Pins (France), in combination with the meeting of European and Mediterranean coastal agencies. It was attended by the Director of the Tour du Valat, Jean Jalbert, and was concluded by the Antibes Declaration for the Conservation of Coasts facing Global Change.

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Some of our latest publications includes


An Unstructured Numerical Model to Study Wind-Driven Circulation Patterns in a Managed Coastal Mediterranean Wetland: The Vaccarès Lagoon System

Auteurs: Boutron O., Bertrand O., Fiandrino A., Höhener P., Sandoz A., Chérain Y., Coulet E., Chauvelon P.


A user-friendly tool to assess management plans for European eel fishery and conservation

Authors: Schiavina M., Bevacqua D., Meli P., Crivelli A.J., Gatto M., Leo G.A.D.


Rice and duck, a good combination? Identifying the incentives and triggers for joint rice farming and wild duck conservation

Authors: Pernollet, C., Simpson, D., Gauthier-Clerc, M., Guillemain, M.


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Jaunary 2016

Arles (France)


Open Day at the Tour du Valat

The Tour du Valat will welcome visitors, within the context of the World Wetlands Day that celebrate the signature of the Ramsar Convention every year (see the programme in French here).



February 2016

Istres, France


Conference-debate on the Berre lagoon landscapes


22 - 24

March 2016

Tour du Valat (Arles, France)


Third "Young scientists" Mediterranean Conservation Science Conference


12 - 13

April 2016

Paris, France


21st Natural Aera Managers Conference

See the programme in French (link).


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