Revue : National Wetlands Newsletter

An Observatory to Monitor Mediterranean Wetlands

Auteurs :

Perennou, C., Beltrame, C., Galewski, T., Chazée, L., Guelmami, A.

Résumé :

The Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) was created under the aegis of the MedWet initiative of the Ramsar Convention, aimed at informing decisionmakers on appropriate measures for wetland preservation. Four years after the effective launch of the MWO, lessons have been drawn from both its strengths and weaknesses, and discussions have taken place on how to better reach MWO objectives.

Référence bibliographique complète :

C. PERENNOU, C. BELTRAME, T. GALEWSKI, L. CHAZÉe, A. GUELMAMI. An Observatory to Monitor Mediterranean Wetlands. National Wetlands Newsletter (2015, 37: 17-21)