The global activities of the Tour du Valat are managed by a French organisation: the Fondation Tour du Valat, a state-approved entity directed to the public benefit. Its statutes were recently thouroughly modified and adapted to the new legislation on foundations. The governance described hereafter will be implemented as soon as these statutes are approved by the State.

A Scientific Council, made up of internationally known researchers, intervenes to support the Board of Directors for the purposes of evaluating and validating the pertinence of the scientific programme. Its President is a permanent guest to the Board of Directors, with no right to vote. Experts in the management and administration of companies also communicate with the Board of Directors to help it validate the overall strategy of the Tour du Valat and in the use of its financial resources.

Composition of the Administrative Council of the Tour du Valat Foundation


Board of founders

  • Mr. André Hoffmann, President
  • Ms Isabel Hoffmann
  • Mrs Maja Hoffmann, Vice-President
  • Mrs Vera Michalski

Board of qualified persons

  • M. Thymio Papayannis, Honorary Member, MedWet Senior Advisor, Président of MedINA
  • Mrs Clairie Papazoglou, Consultant in Environmental Policies
  • Mrs Gordana Beltram, Ministry of the Environment and Planning of Slovenia
  • M. Tobias Salathé, Secretary, Ramsar Convention, Senior Advisor for Europe (Gland, Switzerland)
  • M. Antonio Troya, Treasurer, IUCN Programme Coordinator - Mediterranean Cooperation Center (Malaga, Spain)

Board of ex-officio members

  • Mrs Corinne Tourasse, Representative from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea (DIREN-PACA)
  • Mr Jean-Philippe Nabot, Representative the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Mr Michel Chpilevksy, Sub-Prefect of Arles, Representative from Home Office
  • Mr Hervé Schiavetti, Mayor of Arles

Composition of the Scientific Council of the Tour du Valat Foundation

  • Dr Patrick Dugan,President - WorldFish Centre, Penang, Malaysia
  • Dr Jean-Dominique Lebreton,Vice-President - Centre d’écologie fonctionnelle évolutive/CNRS, Montpellier
  • Pr Tim Clutton-Brock, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Pr Jean-Claude Lefeuvre, Muséum national d’histoire naturelle and university of Rennes
  • Pr Laurent Mermet,ENGREF, Paris
  • Pr William Sutherland, University of Cambridge, UK

Thematic experts

In support of the Scientific Council, a high level of expertise will be provided by six thematic experts, two for each of the three Tour du Valat programmes, for the duration of the five-year plan.

  • Jacques Blondel, Centre d’écologie fonctionnelle évolutive/CNRS, Montpellier
  • Pierre Chevallier, Institut de recherche pour le développement/CNRS, Laboratoire d’hydrosciences, Montpellier
  • Luis Costa, SPEA/BirdLife, Portugal
  • Jonathan Loh, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, UK - WWF International
  • François Renaud, Institut de recherche pour le développement/CNRS, Montpellier
  • Sophie Thoyer, Supagro-Lameta, Montpellier

Budget 2011

From 1974, the Founder has allocated to the Tour du Valat a capital sum, managed by the Fondation Pro Valat, whose revenue accounts for around 20% of the organisation's budget. The Tour du Valat is also supported by the Fondation MAVA, which operates widely in the environmental field.

Funding from institutional or private sources, in the framework of sponsored projects or activities, accounts for an increasing proportion of the budget. In addition, the Fondation is authorised to receive funding and donations from private individuals or from businesses.

The budgetary management of the Tour du Valat Foundation meets the requirements of international standards and is audited on an annual basis.

Tour du Valat receives its financing from a number of sources:

Our expenditure is divided as follows: