Publications January - March 2017

Introduction and invasion of the red-eared slider and its parasites in freshwater ecosystems of Southern Europe: risk assessment for the European pond turtle in wild environments
Population structure of the soft tick Ornithodoros maritimus and its associated infectious agents within a colony of its seabird host Larus michahellis
Agent-based modeling may help to merge research traditions in foraging ecology in Europe and North America: Duck Foraging Studies in Europe vs. America
Mosquito Traps: An Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Technique to Control Mosquitoes
Very high MHC Class IIB diversity without spatial differentiation in the Mediterranean population of Greater Flamingos
A literature review of Algerian salt lakes: values, threats and implications
Repartition and ecology of Gomphus graslinii in the Maine-et-Loire department (Odonata : Gomphidae)
Egg hatching phenology and success of Lestes macrostigmas in two temporary brackish ponds
VIM-1 carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli in gulls from southern France
Seed density and waterfowl use of rice fields in Camargue, France: Seed Density and Use of Rice Fields by Ducks
Prevalence of Placobdella costata (Fr. Mûller, 1846) (Hirudinida: Glossiphoniidae) on the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) in northeast Algeria
Mediterranean coastal wetlands: dynamics and management issues
High Stocking Density Controls Phillyrea Angustifolia in Mediterranean Grasslands
Familiarity drives social philopatry in an obligate colonial breeder with weak interannual breeding-site fidelity
The first coordinated trans-North African mid-winter waterbird census: The contribution of the International Waterbird Census to the conservation of waterbirds and wetlands at a biogeographical level
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