Publications August - September 2011

Using multistate recapture modelling to assess age-specific bottlenecks in breeding success: a case study in the greater flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus.
Density-dependent and inter-specific interactions affecting European eel settlement in freshwater habitats
Albanie. Vraiment efficaces? Les plans de gestion des zones protégées
Relative importance of island availability and terrestrial predation risk for nesting habitat selection of colonial Charadriiformes in Sfax salina (Tunisia)
Is European catfish a threat to eels in southern France?
Partenaires financiers publics. Où trouver des sous ?
Vegetation of Mediterranean temporary pools: a fading jewel?
Incidence of adult brain cancers is higher in countries where the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii is common
Long-term effects of salinity and disturbance regime on active and dormant crustacean communities
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