Adopt a flamingo


If you decide to adopt a flamingo, you’ll support a network of observers at the scale of the Mediterranean area.

By adopting a flamingo, you’ll participate actively to the study and protection of flamingoes by financing equipments.

The rings reading, put on the feet of the flamingoes, is difficult and sometimes very hard due to the bad quality of our equipments. For example, a basic pair of binoculars allows to read a flamingo ring within 50 meters, which is very rare. However with a telescope, observations and readings could be efficient as far as 300 meters.

If you adopt a flamingo, we will send you, by email, regular updates of the movements of your flamingo.

How much will it cost to you?

Your contribution to adopt a flamingo is 25 euros per year. It will enable us to buy new equipments.

How to do it?

To adopt a flamingo, you just have to print the form (PDF) and return it with your payment.


Price of a telescope : 1.000 euros.

More than 100.000 flamingoes to study and observe in the west part of the Mediterranean area.

About 22.000 ring readings per year (30.000 in 2013).