Partnership with the Aquatis Foundation for the discovery of aquatic habitats and the Camargue

The Aquatis Foundation is developing an educational facility focusing on the theme of freshwater and aquatic habitats. It will open in 2017 near Lausanne, Switzerland, and aims to attract 350 000 visitors per year.

In this spacious centre featuring numerous freshwater aquariums and vivariums, one area will be devoted to the Rhone, from its source to the sea, with specific focus on the Camargue.

In this framework, a collaboration agreement has been signed between the Tour du Valat and the Aquatis Foundation. The Tour du Valat has committed to providing scientific content on subjects linked to the Camargue and Mediterranean wetlands, while the Aquatis Foundation has committed to being a major vector of communication that will disseminate knowledge about this unique natural heritage and the need to protect it.