Death of Alan Johnson










Alan Johnson, one of the pionner members of the Tour du Valat from the 60s and a specialist of the Greater Flamingo recognized worldwide, left us on December 24th, 2014 at the age of 73, after a long illness.

He had been awarded a prize last October by the community of flamingo specialists gathered in San Diego (California), in honour of his life-long commitment to the study and conservation of the species; the prize was then handed over to him a few weeks ago at the Tour du Valat.

The Tour du Valat warmly unites with his family and close relatives in these times of sadness, and honours and remembers the great resesearcher and friend Alan was.

In order for Alan's life and experience to continue being a source of inspiration, there will be an "Alan Johnson Award" to reward the work of young researchers in Conservation Sciences all around the Mediterranean Basin, which gathers together high-level research and nurtures conservation actions in the field. This award will be attributed every two years, on the occasion of the "Young Researchers Conference"  organised by the Tour du Valat in partnership with the CEFE and the IMBE.

You will find here opposite some articles published in the local press (in French), as well as testimonies already expressed.

You can also leave a word to Alan's memory by means of this form (click here); these  testimonies will be published on the website.

Finally, in the aim of publishing a book about Alan, you can send us photos or other documents that you would like to share directly to secretariat(at) (specifiy "Testimony Alan" in the subject).